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Staff Page

Welcome to the U.S. Army Medical Center Excellence (MEDCoE) Supporting Staff web page.  The U.S. Army Medical Center Excellence supporting staff consists of the Coordinating, Special, and Personal Staff.

Coordinating Staff

Assists the Commanding General (CG) by coordinating the plans, activities, and operations of the MEDCoE.  Collectively, through the Chief of Staff, the coordinating staff is responsible for acquiring information and analyzing its implications for and impact on the command, and providing timely and accurate recommendations to the CG.

G-1, Assistant Chief of Staff for Human Resources (ACSHR)

The G1 Provides accurate and timely human resources guidance and management advice to the MEDCoE leadership.  Strategically manages and integrates all personnel support activities, personnel management, assignments, and actions for the organization to effectively and efficiently accomplish the Commander`s strategic vision for the command.

G-2, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Security (ACSINT)

The G2, Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Security (ACSINT) develops, implements, and administers intelligence and security programs in support of MEDCoE organizations and activities and the projects they support.
  • Serves as the MEDCoE subject matter expert responsible for the development, planning, oversight, administration, management, implementation, and enforcement of the DCIPS intelligence related security disciplines.
  • Provides relevant and mandatory training for multiple security disciplines to the command.
  • Administers the personnel security program for the MEDCoE and 32nd MED BDE.
  • Manages the physical security and access control program for MEDCoE and subordinate facilities.
G-3, Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Readiness, Plans, and Training (ACSOPS)

The G3 provides the Army Medical Department Center and School, subordinate units, and customers with accurate, relevant, efficient, and effective operational support in a timely fashion.  To support the readiness, training, and deployment of MEDCoE assets within the area of responsibility and globally and assimilate the training and readiness policies of DA, TRADOC, and the CG, MEDCoE.  Advises and assists all MEDCoE subordinate units on operational, readiness, plans, and mobilization issues. 

G-4, Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics (ACSLOG)

The G-4 provides complete, comprehensive, and responsive support to the MEDCoE and its external customers through single entry into the multi-faceted Logistical System.  The operational elements of the G-4 perform vital functions which support world-wide medical training platforms and medical readiness requirements.

G-6, Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management (ACSIM)

The G6 provides architecture, governance, portfolio management, strategy, C4IT acquisition oversight, and operational capabilities to enable a Joint and net-centric information environment for medical education and training, medical personnel proponency, and medical capabilities development.

G-8, Assistant Chief of Staff for Resource Management (ACSRM)

The ACSRM formulates, allocates, administers, determines, and validates requirements for, and monitors the utilization of, resources funding, manpower, and equipment to execute missions. The ACSRM also serves as the principal management and financial advisor to the CG; assists faculty and staff with finance, resource, and management matters; and is responsible for long-range planning, programming, receipt, distribution, and execution of all resources.

G-9, Assistant Chief of Staff for Engineering and Facilities Management (ACSENG)

The G-9, Assistant Chief of Staff for Engineering and Facilities Management mission is to sustain, restore, and modernize Army Medical Department Center and School facilities to ensure safe and reliable facility conditions that promote harmony and high quality, while improving the working and training environment.
  • Provide facility assessment and oversight for all MEDCoE facilities Major Repair and Renewal (MRR) Program
  • Provides facility management liaison of the Medical Military Construction Program
  • Space utilization and analysis
  • Work requests, reception, and control
  • Liaison between MEDCoE and the 502d Civil Engineer Squadron, MEDCOM, and IMCOM-West to support recurring maintenance, minor repair, and facility management program execution
  • Place service calls to 502d Civil Engineer Squadron for buildings 2840 & 2841
  • Oversee custodial contract for buildings 2840 & 2841
  • Plans and Projects

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Special Staff

Advises the Commander, MEDCoE and performs those services pertaining to specialized matters within each field of activity.  This Staff is comprised of Executive Operations, Historian, ARNG/USAR Advisors, Office of Strategy and Innovation, Marketing, Internal Review and Audit Compliance (IRACO), Quality Assurance, Safety, and Public Affairs.

Executive Operations

Our office is dedicated to provide you with advice on protocol procedures and plans.


The Command Historian, MEDCoE, serves as the corporate memory of the organization, edits an annual command historical report for publication, and advises the commander and staff on historical matters.  Also responds to inquiries from the command, Department of the Army, and general public on matters of historical interest.

ARNG/USAR Advisors

To support the total integration of Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers into the training environment and be the advisors to the commanders and staff on RC Soldier and Policy issues.  Act as the conduit for information sharing to and from the Reserve Components higher headquarters, states and territories, Regional Readiness Commands, and the individual Soldier on:
  • Policy and individual Soldier issues
  • Training initiatives and requirements
  • Mobilization training issues
  • TRADOC requirements
  • Training pipeline loss mitigation

Office of Strategy and Innovation

Serve as the integrated, enterprise-wide organization that will provide strategic priorities and guidance to major business units and transformation, conduct performance monitoring and reporting, assist in identification of performance improvement opportunities, execute strategically linked improvement projects, assist in the allocation and prioritization of project resources, facilitate organizational communications, eliminate barriers to excellence, and manage the human aspect of change.


Implement marketing and communication strategies that inspire trust in MEDCoE products and services within the Army, Joint medical communities, Department of Defense, and general public.

Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office

The Internal Review and Audit Compliance Office (IRACO) provides in-house, reliable, timely, professional review, and consulting/advisory services that promote improved risk management and foster stewardship through best business practices.  IRACO provides technical advice, assistance, and consultation on internal controls to the MEDCoE Assessable Unit Manager (AUM).  The IRACO office also provides liaison services to facilitate audits performed by external audit organizations and also follows up on agreed to recommendations(internal and external) to ensure that corrective actions were taken to address the identified problem.

Quality Assurance

We serve as the eyes and ears of the commander.  To do this, we assess MEDCoE functions across the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) domains.  Our major functions include: conducting training observations; gathering feedback from students, graduates and their supervisors using internal and external surveys; and managing institutional self-assessments/studies, as required by our accrediting agencies.  We also serve as the MEDCoE liaison with the Servicemember Opportunity Colleges Army Degree (SOCAD) program.  In this role, we advocate for our Soldiers in Career Management Field (CMF) 68, to develop postsecondary educational opportunities with military-friendly colleges that award credit for military experience and training.  The Chief of the QA office also serves as the MEDCoE Career Program 32 manager for civilian employees in training, doctrine and combat development related job series.  For more information on these functions, click on the organizational component links below.


Support the MEDCoE objective to improve safety performance throughout by providing management, guidance, direction, and review of the safety and occupational health, and composite risk management program requirements to MEDCoE units.

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Personal Staff

The members of the Personal Staff work under the commander`s immediate control.  They also serve as special staff officers when they coordinate with other staff members.  When performing their duties as special staff officers, personal staff officers may work through the Executive Officer or Chief of Staff or under a coordinating staff officer for control purposes.  Members of the personal staff include: personal assistants, such as the aide-de-camp; personnel the commander desires to supervise directly; personnel who, by law or regulation, have a special relationship to the commander.

Executive Officer

The Executive Officer (XO) ensures that the unit is adequately equipped, trained, and healthy (mentally and physically); all of which are necessary to accomplish the mission.  The XO accomplishes this task by setting objectives on unit readiness and then delegating the execution of those objectives to staff officers.


The MEDCoE Chaplain and the Chief, Department of Pastoral Ministry Training acting as the commander`s advisor and action officer of religious and pastoral care; ensuring the free exercise of religion.  Direct, plan, coordinate and evaluate the commander`s religious program; provide technical supervision of subordinate religious support teams; and lead a training department that provides clinical ministries courses for officers and enlisted Soldiers from all branches of the military.  In addition, interacts with inter-service and intra-service headquarters and leaders to integrate clinical ministry training and doctrine into the total military chaplain life cycle.  As Ft Sam Houston`s Senior Chaplain directs Senior Mission Commander`s religious plan.

Equal Opportunity Office

To enhance leadership and readiness by fostering an Equal Opportunity (EO) program that promotes diversity with positive human relations through observances, education and training.

Inspector General (IG)

The Inspector General (IG) Office is available to Commanders, Soldiers, Family members, Civilian employees, and others seeking help with problems related to the U.S. Army.

Provide support to the Commanding General by serving as an extension of his eyes, ears, voice, and conscience.

Serve as an impartial fact-finder and problem solver - be the honest broker.

Provide assistance, conduct inspections, investigations & inquiries, and teach & train in order to enhance mission readiness and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, discipline, and morale of the units and Soldiers assigned or attached to or under the Operational Control (OPCON) of the MEDCoE and Fort Sam Houston

Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)

Provide commanders and staffs with accurate, proactive legal advice on all issues affecting the MEDCoE, and provide quality legal instruction to Center and School faculty, students, and permanent party personnel.

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)

Provide a culture free of sexual harassment/assault, through an environment of prevention education and training, response capability, victim support, reporting procedures, and appropriate accountability that enhances the safety and well-being of all military and civilian personnel.

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