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Department of Aviation Medicine

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LTC JOHN J. VENEZIA, Director                            


LTC JOHN J. PENA, Deputy Director    


“There is a very interesting togetherness between medicine and aviation with which I have been fascinated over the years.”

                                                                                   --Major General (Ret) Spurgeon Neel


Competent, modernized, and professional aeromedical force generation platform focused on readiness and enabling the Combatant Commander to compete and win in Large Scale Combat Operations.


DAM trains, educates, and develops capable and adaptive Aeromedical Leaders, manages the Aviation Medicine Enterprise, and integrates advanced medical capabilities across warfighting functions to maximize readiness and enable Commanders, Aircrew, and Soldiers fight and win.


  • Consistently adapt and develop technical medical training, GME, and PME to better develop agile Leaders and Soldiers for complex environments.
  • Modernize AVMED training to ensure Aviation and Medical personnel are prepared to be MDO 2028 capable and 2034 dominant.
  • Continue to inform AVMED and MEDEVAC doctrine in support of MDO and LSCO.
  • Develop, educate, and train medical protection and sustainment capability to maximize combat power in expeditionary/austere environments.
  • Maximize readiness by providing AVMED and MEDEVAC expertise and liaison to commanders across the ASCCs and DRUs.
  • Provide medical flexibility to CCDRs through adaptive AVMED, OCCMED, MEDEVAC and force health protection through practical and institutional instruction from basic to graduate level programs.

MEDEVAC Pilot/Flight Medic/Flight Surgeon/Flight APA/Flight Nurse/Flight Psychologist

The Department of Aviation Medicine (DAM) at Fort Rucker is a field element of the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE), headquartered at Fort Sam Houston.  DAM is the Army’s center of excellence for training Army Flight Surgeons, Aeromedical Physician Assistants, Flight Medics, and Aeromedical Evacuation Officers.  Concurrently, DAM provides initial and sustainment aeromedical training in 32 Training and Doctrine Command Programs of Instruction for both fixed and rotary wing flight students. DAM also provides high altitude physiology training for Aviation, Special Operations, and Aeromedical personnel in the Army`s only training hypobaric (altitude) chamber and is the proponent for the DoD’s only Aeromedical Psychology Training Course.

For all Aeromedical Policy Letters or to check the status of a Flight Physical
Please go the AERO site https://aero.health.mil/
POC for APLs is AAMA Helpdesk (334) 255-0749