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Department of Aviation Medicine



The Department of Army Aviation Medicine (DAM) is home to the Army`s only Hypobaric (Altitude) Chamber specifically used for aviation/aeromedical training purposes. Established in 1971 at Hanchey Army Heliport, it moved to its current location at the back of the Aeromedical Center when USASAM was organized in 1984. To date, the chamber has trained approximately 65,000 aircrew members. DAM conducts initial and refresher Hypobaric Chamber training for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aviators, Flight Medics, Aviation Psychologists, Aviation Safety Officers, Flight Surgeons, Special Operations Forces, High-Altitude Parachutists (HAP/HALO), and a variety of DoD supported agencies. Students must complete two hours of academic training prior to participating in the chamber flight. The focus is on altitude physiology and the effects of hypoxia, as well as other physiological problems resulting from exposure to reduced atmospheric pressure encountered during high altitude fixed wing and/or rotary wing flight. The training requires each student to demonstrate thorough understanding of the effects of altitude on the human body; recognize the signs/symptoms of hypoxia, and utilize available oxygen systems to prevent/recover from hypoxia. This training enables the aircrews to experience the effects of altitude exposure in a safe and controlled environment, providing the student with the training necessary for global deployment.

  • Fixed Wing Qualification
  • Fixed Wing Refresher
  • HALO
  • Flight Surgeon

For the current Chamber schedule, please visit ATRRS and type in the course information as 2C-F9 to receive a listing of upcoming Altitude Chambers.


Please Call 334-255-7445 for schedule information


-Bring current up slip DD Form 2992, recommendation for flying duty or the appropriate Air Force Form if you are in the Air Force).

-If you are doing a HALO Chamber, bring current HALO physical.

-Flight suit, ABDUs or BDUs are the only approved uniforms for the chamber.

If you have any questions please call the Chamber NCOIC: DSN: 558-7445 Commercial: (334) 255-7445