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Professional Education and Training Department (PETD)

Professional Education and Training Department

Department of Training and Academic Affairs

AMEDD Center and School, U.S. Army Health Readiness Center of Excellence

2450 Stanley Road, Building 146, Suite 204

FT Sam Houston, TX 78234




Director, PETD (210)295-9528

Deputy Director, PETD (210) 221-0144

NCOIC (Enlisted Programs Branch), PETD (210)221-1345

Office Automation Assistant, PETD (210)295-9508

Dental Education Branch, PETD (210)295-9604

Dental Education Administrator, PETD (210)221-0079

Nursing Education Branch, PETD (210)295-0274

Medical Specialist/Veterinary Corps, PETD (210)295-9428

Medical Service Corps, PETD (210)295-9537 

Individual Training and Policy Branch, PETD (210)221-0144

Medical Corps OTSG, Falls Church, VA (703)681-5037



Professional Education and Training Department




Directly supporting the Army Surgeon General, the Professional Education and Training Department (PETD) manages the Army Medical Department’s (AMEDD’s) >$5M Long Term Health Education and Training (LTHET) program including Training with Industry (TWI), and Postgraduate Professional Short Course Programs (PPSCPs) for nearly 1,000 Enlisted and Officer students.  PETD Leaders, AMEDD Education Branch Chiefs (Enlisted Corps (EN), Army Nurse Corps (ANC), Army Medical Specialist Corps (AMSC), Dental Corps (DC), Medical Corps (MC), Medical Service Corps (MSC), and Veterinary Corps (VC)) and AMEDD Student Detachment technicians work closely with students, Federal and Non-federal Institutions, Consultants, Corps Specific Branch Proponency Officers (CSBPO’s), Corps Chiefs, and other Army Senior Leaders to maximize program success.



Execute the development, validation, and sustainment of relevant AMEDD Professional Education and Training to support the AMEDD Campaign Plan and leader develop Soldiers to optimize career progression.



 Empowering people to provide the world`s best military medical education and training to the Nation today and tomorrow.




New LTHET Students


Please Contact your Education Branch Chief and review the LTHET Welcome Brief and

Form Submission Requirements below.

All forms will be submitted via Blackboard

If you have any questions, contact your respective Education Branch Chief, POCs listed above.



Blank Documents

SF182 – Authorization, Agreement, and Certification of Training

DA2125 – Report to Training Agency

Action Request Form

LTHET Expense Reimbursement Request

Ethics Review Travel Request


Example Documents

Example SF182

SF182 Instructions

Example DA2125


Other Resources & Useful Links

AMEDD Public Site

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