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On behalf of the MEDCoE Command Group, MG Mike Talley, CSM Victor Laragione, and Mr. J.M. Harmon III, please see the enclosed Hispanic Heritage Month message:


During Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September through 15 October) we express heartfelt gratitude to our Hispanic American Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members for their professionalism, selfless service, and unending loyalty to our Armed Services and our Nation. The Army story cannot be told without reflecting on the remarkable contributions made by Hispanic people; who have a proud record of military service dating back to the Civil War. 

Today, more than 139,000 Hispanic Americans, whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, serve in the Total Force. Hispanic American Soldiers are the fastest growing segment of the Army and now make up 17% of the force. Forty-six Hispanic American Soldiers have been presented the Medal of Honor. 

This year's National Hispanic Heritage Month theme, "Unidos: lnclusivity for a Stronger Nation," mirrors our Army's commitment to embrace diversity and build high performing and cohesive teams. 

Our courageous and dedicated Soldiers are, and always have been, our connection to communities across the nation and to future Soldiers. With their impressive military records and the Army values that they represent, they set a priceless example to today's young people and unite us all. 


We are truly honored to serve on your team.