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New Arrivals

Welcome to the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)! 

We’re excited to have you as part of the MEDCoE team. As a new team member, you’ll go through an onboarding process that will ensure that you’re set up for success and have a solid understanding of MEDCoE’s missions and values. The specific components of onboarding will vary for military, civilian, and contractor personnel. Please select your role below to expand the section that applies to you. 

Permanent Party Military

Reporting Instructions for Incoming Permanent Party Military Personnel

Welcome to the Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE)! As a newly assigned Soldier you will become familiar with the Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE) mission and values. You will also be provided with information, knowledge, and training so that you can quickly become a valued member of our organization. 

You will be required to attend mandatory orientation briefings; the MEDCoE G-1 will provide further information to you upon your in-processing. 

For your Installation in-processing appointment at the Military Personnel Division (MPD) you must ensure you bring all your documents to have your ERB/ORB updated (i.e. DA 638/certificate to update awards, transcripts for civilian education, promotion packet, last evaluation, etc.).

If you are or aspire to be an Instructor, your duty position could require an Associate Degree in order to teach at the Medical Education and Training Campus (METC).

Contact Us

210-221-6950 | DSN: 471-XXXX. 
Aabel Hall (Bldg 2840) Suite 322
3630 Stanley Road


MEDCoE’s Civilian onboarding has 3 phases: Pre-boarding, Onboarding, and Integration


We’ve prepared a new employee checklist with useful information that will help you as you go through the onboarding process. Please use this link to open it:New Employee Checklist


Please click here to see the training schedule with room locations: Civilian Onboarding Schedule

End of 10-Day Onboarding Program Questionnaire: https://forms.osi.apps.mil/r/D4NmnuhAEb (CAC Access Required)

  • Phase I - Pre-boarding. Getting you ready for success. Pre-boarding starts within 5 days of your firm acceptance of a job offer at MEDCoE. During pre-boarding you can expect:

  • • A welcome message from your new supervisor.

  • • A welcome message from your sponsor.

  • • Your supervisor and sponsor will ensure that your work area is set up and ready for you.

  • Phase II - Onboarding. Making you comfortable and taking care of requirements. Onboarding starts on your first official duty day and continues for 10 business days. During onboarding you’ll complete administrative tasks such as learning about employee benefits, understanding what a performance plan is and how to build one, taking mandatory training, and receiving briefings from various staff sections.


Reporting Instructions for Contractors

As a new contract employee, please report directly to your Contracting Officer Representative (COR). They will assist in locating the G-1 Civilian Human Resources Division in Aabel Hall (Bldg 2840) Room 319, 3630 Stanley Rd.  Employees will be provided an in-processing checklist that will be returned to CHRD upon completion.  

A vital part of in-processing is attendance at the MEDCoE On-Boarding Program.  The G-1 office will schedule attendance at the appropriate session during in-processing.  Attendance is mandatory, and is generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (except December).  Individual offices/sections/departments/directorates may require new employee attendance at their orientation session.