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About the Capability Development Integration Directorate:

We serve as an integral player in the Force Management, Development, Integration, Sustainment and Modernization processes of building the medical arm of tomorrow`s Army.

Our vision is to have an integrated and effective Army Medical Department System equipped, manned, and properly aligned to support a Transformed, Modular Army at war on today`s and future battlefields.

The Capability Development Integration Directorate is composed of the:

  • AMEDD Warfighting Experimentation Division - Synchronizes AMEDD participation in the Army Experimentation Program (through the Joint and Army Experimentation Division (JAED) and Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) by experimenting with AMEDD recommended solution approaches (RSAs) across the DOTMLPF spectrum. 
  • Computational Sciences Division - Responsible for the conduct of strategic studies and advanced concepts & requirements domain in Army Modeling & Simulation. Serves as the proponent for developing the methodology and rates for disease and non-battle injuries used in the Total Army Analysis process. Provides operations research analytical input and support for AMEDD participation in Army experiments, to include analysis of the medical aspects of casualty data such as casualty generation, evacuation, and treatment.
  • Concept & Capability Division - Provides professional and technical experties across the AMEDD functional areas in developing concepts and requirements. Conducts capability based assessments, integrates medical capabilities as the AMEDD representative participating in DOD, Joint, Army and TRADOC Staff Committees. Recommends DOTMLPF-P solutions. 
  • Doctrine & Literature Division - Manages the development and preparation of Army Health System Doctrine for the AMEDD that includes Army, Joint, multiservice, and multinational doctrine programs.
  • Integration Cell - Reviews all Capability Documents and coordinates with other Centers of Excellence (COE), TRADOC Capability Managers (TCMS), Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC), MRMC, OTSG, MEDCOM, HQDA, and materiel developers to support capability development actions.
  • Medical Evacuation Proponent DivisionServes as liaison between the AMEDDC&S, HRCoE, US Army School of Aviation Medicine, US Army Aeromedical Center, US Army Aviation Center of Excellence, TSG, and field organizations for all medical evacuation matters. 
  • Medical Consultants Division - Serve as the Science and Technology (S&T) lead for the review , analysis, input, and support involving actions (e. g. scientific research and acquisition decisions for medical equipment supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics tools) within the AMEDD, TRADOC, Army, Joint community and Defense Health Agency (DHA).
  • Requirements Determination Division - Maintains sole proponency of all AMEDD TOE, reviewing concepts and special studies related to AMEDD equipment and personnel requirements and/or evolving force structure concept and doctrine changes.

 Products and Services
The Capability Development Integration Directorate (CDID) develops concepts, organizations, materiel, and doctrine for Force Health Protection (FHP) to the Army across the operational continuum;  the CDID is the customer advocate and corporate catalyst for integration and synchronization of the Army Medical Department`s information management/information technology support systems; Builds knowledge management capabilities that enable the workforce to positively impact the Army Medical Department mission through innovation, performance improvement, and powerful decision-making; Manages the Army medical evacuation system ensuring effective integration into the Joint Force Health Protection System; Provides data-driven studies, analyses, and evaluations to the AMEDDC&S and Office Of The Surgeon General (OTSG) in support of current and future Force Health Protection Operations.

Our Customers
The Capability Development Integration Directorate (CDID) provides coordination, facilitation, and integration with the Headquarters Department of the Army, the Office of The Army Surgeon General, United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, United States Forces Command, and the Army Reserve Medical Command.

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