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About the Medical Capability Development Integration Directorate (MED CDID):

Vision: MED CDID is the premier designer of integrated and effective world-class military medical capabilities.

Mission: Enabling the Army Health System by developing concepts and requirements, informed by experimentation and integrated to deliver medical capabilities to meet the needs of the future Army and the Joint Force.

Ethos: United in Service to our Nation’s Warfighters.

Key Functions:

·   Develop concepts, envision medical capabilities needed, and develop requirements in support of the future force

·    Develop new Army medical operational (field) organizational structures

·    Serve as the subject matter expert and user representative for all future medical concepts and requirements in the ten medical functions

·    Support Army and Joint experimentation and execute the medical experimentation plan in support of the future force

·    Develop Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System documents for medical materiel

·    Perform data driven analyses to provide quantitative outputs

·    Facilitate horizontal and vertical integration of medical capabilities within the Army

MED CDID is composed of four divisions aligned with the four capability development competencies and three support divisions:

  • Concepts Division – Informed by strategic guidance and the future operational environment, the Concepts Division develops and revises Army medical concepts, including future medical organizations. Integrates Army medical concepts horizontally and vertically by supporting the development of Joint and non-medical Army concepts. Supports the development of priorities for medically related capability development efforts (Science and Technology efforts and materiel/non-materiel development efforts). Supports programming prioritization through the Strategic Portfolio Analysis Review (SPAR) and Joint SPAR (medical Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear countermeasures) processes to support modernization of the force.


  • Experimentation Division – The Experimentation Division consists of two branches, the Medical Battle Lab (MBL) and the Medical Command and Control (MED C2) Branch. The MBL plans and conducts medically focused qualitative and quantitative simulations to examine a concept’s central idea. The MBL then identifies and or validates potential operational risks and capability gaps to inform modernization efforts by participating in Joint, Army, and multinational foundational, enabling, and capstone activities in support of the Army’s campaign of learning priorities. The MED C2 Branch refines concepts and requirements needed for Operational Medicine in the future operational environment by examining Operational Medical Information Systems and the network and informational requirements needed to inform command decision cycles at a speed of relevance.


  • Requirements Division – Informed by concepts and experimentation, the Requirements Division identifies and prioritizes operational risks and capability gaps and identifies specific solutions across the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTMLPF-P) domains to mitigate those risks and gaps. In coordination with the medical materiel developer and the medical modernization proponent, develops key Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) documents (ex: Initial Capabilities Document, DOTMLPF Change Recommendation, Capability Development Document, etc) and seeks approval for materiel solutions that mitigate those risks and gaps; and assists in the identification and documentation non-materiel solutions.


  • Integration Division – The Integration Division integrates and synchronizes capability development activities of the Army Health System across the Army Modernization Enterprise to ensure holistic, standardized, and integrated capabilities are fielded into the Army. The Integration Division includes Army Capability Managers (ACM) serving as the User Representative for Soldiers and organizations for the 10 Medical Functional areas. ACMs interface and collaborate with stakeholders to include materiel developers (program managers), other ACMs and Medical Force modernization organizations to identify, develop, field, and assess holistic solutions across the elements of DOTMLPF-P. 
    • Medical Evacuation Concepts & Capabilities Division (MECCD) – MECCD, located at Fort Rucker, Alabama provides full spectrum capability development and user representation for the Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) (to include medical regulating) functional area.


·    Analysis DivisionThe Analysis Division provides data-driven, quantitative analytic support to identify operational medical gaps, required capabilities and to support the acquisition of medical materiel requirements in support of Army Medical Modernization. Additionally provides Disease Non-Battle (DNBI) and casualty estimation methodology analytical support for Total Army Analysis, Office of The Surgeon General or other Department of Defense partners as required.


·    Administration Division – Supports the MED CDID in administrative areas to include Military and Civilian Personnel Management; Security; Logistics, Property and Contract support; Resource Management and Manpower.


·     Operations Division – Consists of Current and Future Operations Branches. Synchronizes activities across MED CDID divisions. Is the entry point and manager for all taskings. Manages internal MED CDID matrixing to maximize human resources Coordinates MED CDID activities with external organizations to include Army Futures Command and Futures and Concepts Center Headquarters; other functional CDIDs; Office of The Surgeon General; the Medical Center of Excellence and other functional proponents; Army Commands; Army Service Component Commands; Combatant Commands; other Services and Department of Defense Agencies.

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