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Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare

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Front Matter

  1. Historical Overview: From Poisoned Darts to Pan-Hazard Preparedness
    George W. Christopher, Daniel M. Gerstein, Edward M. Eitzen, and James W. Martin
  2. Epidemiology of Biowarfare and Bioterrorism
    Zygmunt F. Dembek, Julie A. Pavlin, Martina Siwek, and Mark G. Kortepeter
  3. Food, Waterborne, and Agricultural Diseases
    Zygmunt F. Dembek and Edwin L. Anderson
  4. Consequence Management: The Local and National Response
    Neal E. Woollen and Gary W. Carter
  5. Medical Management of Potential Biological Casualties: A Stepwise Approach
    Theodore J. Cieslak
  6. Anthrax
    Bret K. Purcell, Christopher K. Cote, Patricia L. Worsham, and Arthur M. Friedlander
  7. Brucellosis
    Bret K. Purcell,R. Martin Roop II, Arthur M. Friedlander, and David L. Hoover
  8. Glanders
    Susan L. Welkos, Bridget Carr Gregory, David M. Waag, and Mary N. Burtnick
  9. Melioidosis
    Paul J. Brett, David DeShazer, and Nicholas J. Vietri
  10. Plague
    Patricia L. Worsham, Thomas W. McGovern, Nicholas J. Vietri, Arthur M. Friedlander, and Joel Bozue
  11. Tularemia
    Matthew J. Hepburn, Todd M. Kijek, Wendy Sammons-Jackson, Arthur M. Friedlander, and Zygmunt F. Dembek
  12. Q Fever
    Christina M. Farris and James E. Samuel
  13. Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infections as a Threat to the US Military Health System: Acinetobacter Infections as a Case Study
    Emil Lesho, Luther E. Lindler, Bruno Petruccelli, and Glenn Wortmann
  14. Botulinum Toxin
    Zygmunt F. Dembek, Leonard A. Smith, Frank J. Lebeda, and Janice M. Rusnak
  15. Clostridium perfringens Epsilon Toxin
    Bradley G. Stiles, Gillian Barth, and Michel R. Popoff
  16. Ricin
    Virginia I. Roxas-Duncan, Martha L. Hale, Jon M. Davis, John C. Gorbet, Patricia M. Legler, and Leonard A. Smith
  17. Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B and Related Toxins Produced by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes
    Kamal U. Saikh, Robert G. Ulrich, and Teresa Krakauer
  18. Toxins from Venoms and Poisons
    Scott A. Weinstein and Julian White
  19. Marine Algal Toxins of Concern as Intentional Contaminants
    Mark A. Poli and Mark R. Withers
  20. Alphavirus Encephalitides
    Shelley P. Honnold, Eric C. Mossel, Lesley C. Dupuy, Elaine M. Morazzani, Shannon S. Martin, Mary Kate Hart, George V. Ludwig, Michael D. Parker, Jonathan F. Smith, Douglas S. Reed, and Pamela J. Glass
  21. Hemorrhagic Fever-Causing Mammarenaviruses
    Sheli R. Radoshitzky, Jens H. Kuhn, Peter B. Jahrling, and Sina Bavari
  22. Henipaviruses
    Arnold Park, Sheli R. Radoshitzky, Jens H. Kuhn, and Benhur Lee
  23. Filoviruses
    Sheli R. Radoshitzky, Sina Bavari, Peter B. Jahrling, and Jens H. Kuhn
  24. Smallpox and Related Orthopoxviruses
    Arthur J. Goff, Sara C. Johnston, Jason Kindrachuk, Kenny L. Lin, Peter B. Jahrling, John W. Huggins,M. Sofi Ibrahim, James V. Lawler, and James W. Martin
  25. Emerging Infectious Diseases and Future Threats
    Chris A. Whitehouse, Brett Beitzel, Zygmunt F. Dembek, and Alan L. Schmaljohn
  26. Laboratory Identification of Threats
    David A. Norwood, Timothy D. Minogue, Randal J. Schoepp, and Mark J. Wolcott
  27. Medical Countermeasures
    Phillip R. Pittman, Elizabeth S. Brown, and Matthew S. Chambers
  28. Future Prospects of Vaccines and Antibodies in Biodefense
    Erik A. Henchal, George V. Ludwig, Chris A. Whitehouse, and John M. Scherer
  29. Aerobiology: History, Development, and Programs
    Douglas S. Reed, Aysegul Nalca, and Chad J. Roy
  30. Biosafety
    David E. Harbourt, Catherine L. Wilhelmsen, Kristie M. Yeakle, and Robert J. Hawley
  31. Biological Surety
    Samuel S. Edwin, Virginia I. Roxas-Duncan, America M. Ceralde, Shelley C. Jorgensen, and Neal E. Woollen
  32. Ethical Issues in the Development of Drugs and Vaccines for Biodefense
    Arthur O. Anderson, Jeffrey E. Stephenson, and Bret K. Purcell

Abbreviations and Acronyms