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US Army Physician Assistant Handbook, Second Edition

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Front Matter

Section 1. The Army Physician Assistant Profession

1. From Vietnam to Afghanistan: The History of the Army Physician Assistant

2. The Council of Junior Physician Assistants

Section 2. Training, Certification, and Career Management

3. Role of the Physician Assistant as the Specialist and Veterinary Corps Education Branch Chief

4. Academic Leadership Roles, Professional Education, and Training Opportunities for Physician Assistants

5. The Army Orthopedic Physician Assistant

6. The Army Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

7. The Army General Surgery Physician Assistant

8. Attending Intermediate Level Education

9. Licensure, Credentialing, and Granting of Clinical Privileges

10. Maintaining Certification and the Continuing Medical Education Categories

11. Career Management

Section 3. Physician Assistant Positions and Roles

12. Role of the Battalion and Squadron Physician Assistant

13. Role of the Security Force Assistance Brigade Physician Assistant

14. Role of the US Southern Command and Joint Interagency Task Force-South Physician Assistant

15. Role as a Commander

16. Role of the Aeromedical Physician Assistant

17. The Army National Guard Physician Assistant

18. Physician Assistants in Tactical Medicine Training Programs

19. Role of the Clinic Officer-in-Charge

20. Role of the Army Physician Assistant in the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade

21. Role of the Army Service Component Command Physician Assistant at US Army Africa

22. Role of the Theater Special Operations Command Physician Assistant

23. Role of the Brigade Senior Physician Assistant

24. Role of the Physician Assistant in the US Army Training and Doctrine Command and Initial Military Training

Section 4. Topics of Interest

25. Role of the Division Physician Assistant

26. Role of the Physician Assistant as the Congressional Legislative Liaison

27. Role of the Physician Assistant in a Joint Environment

28. Role of the Chief of the Ready and Resilient Integration Branch at Headquarters, Installation Management Command

29. What Army Physician Assistants Need to Know About Eliminating Potentially Survivable Deaths on the Battlefield

30. Role of the Physician Assistant in the Disability Evaluation System

31. What Physician Assistants Need to Know About Operational Virtual Health

32. Role of the Physician Assistant in Research

33. Role of the Physician Assistant in Global Health Engagement

34. Role of the Civilian Physician Assistant in a Military Medical Treatment Facility

35. The Independent Medical Opinion Process and the Physician Assistant’s Role

36. The Four Pillars of the Physician Assistant Profession

37. Senior Service Education

38. The Interservice Physician Assistant Program

39. Training With Industry Program Opportunities for Physician Assistants

40. Role of the Chief and Deputy Chief, Army Medical Specialist Corps

41. Role of the Physician Assistant Consultant and Army Medical Specialist Corps Office

42. Role of the Corps Senior Physician Assistant

43. Role of the Physician Assistant as the Army Medical Specialist Corps Personnel Proponency Officer

44. The Army Acquisition Corps: Basic Knowledge for the Army Physician Assistant

45. Role of the Physician Assistant in the US Army Medical Department Board

46. Role of the Forces Command Physician Assistant

47. Role of the Command Surgeon at the Installation Management Command

48. Physician Assistants in the US Army Reserve

49. Role of the Office Program Manager–Saudi Arabian National Guard Medical Education and Brigade Training Advisor for Health Affairs

50. Role of the Physician Assistant as Human Resources Command Career Manager

51. Role of the Physician Assistant in Army Medical Recruiting

52. Role of the Special Operations Forces Physician Assistant

53. Role of the Guantanamo Bay Physician Assistant

54. Role of the 3d US Infantry Regiment Physician Assistant

55. Role of the Basic Officer Leaders Course Physician Assistant Instructor/Writer

56. Role of the Captains Career Course Physician Assistant Small Group Leader

57. Role of the Combat Training Center Command Surgeon

58. Role of the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape School Physician Assistant

59.  Army Physician Assistant Role in Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams

60. Role of the White House Physician Assistant (Tactical Medical Officer)

61. Role of the Defense Health Agency Medical Logistics Directorate

62. Role of the Physician Assistant in Occupational Medicine

63. Role of the Inspector General

64. Role of the Medical Command Allied Health Officer

65. Role of the Army Capability Manager–Army Health Systems Physician Assistant

66. Continuous Process Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma Concepts

67. Gender Incongruence

68. Barriers to Treatment Outside the Continental United States

69. Special Pay for Army Physician Assistants

70. Transitioning From the Military: Lessons Learned From Retired Army Physician Assistants



Abbreviations and Acronyms