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Army Medical Specialist Corps (SP Corps)


Develop SP Corps leaders that enhance Soldier health and readiness in garrison and throughout Multi-Domain Operations


Lead the advancement of Soldier Health and Readiness; Medical Readiness Starts with Us!


  1. Enhance Soldier Health and Readiness
  2. Leverage our Expertise/Enhance Leader Development and Talent Management
  3. Gain Efficiencies and Improve Outcomes


Since World War I, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists (formerly known as reconstruction aides) and Dietitians have served the Army in a civilian capacity. On April 16, 1947 the Women’s Army Specialist Corps, comprised of officers from those three professions, was established by Public Law 80-36. The law was amended in 1955 to allow commissioning of males and the corps was renamed the Army Medical Specialist Corps (AMSC). In 1992, Physician Assistants were converted from warrant to commissioned officers and added to the corps’ skill inventory. By providing direct medical care as independent practitioners and physician extenders, SP officers play a key role in ensuring military medical readiness both on and off the battlefield. SP officers have served in every major conflict and humanitarian mission since the corps inception. The SP operates nationally recognized education and training programs as well as innovative programs that focus on unit-level health and fitness promotion, disease and injury prevention and outcomes research. Around the world, when duty calls AMSC officers continue to provide first class health care to soldiers and families.