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Congratulations on your assignment to the 32d Medical Brigade!

We are incredibly excited you are here and want to help you and your Family get settled in the JBSA area as smoothly as possible.

Your roadmap to successful on-boarding begins here.

All in-bound 32d MED BDE Soldiers should contact their Sponsor prior to departing their current duty and again upon arrival at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Military Personnel Division (MPD) in-processing focuses on the installation in-processing requirements and organizes the various installation agencies needed to welcome permanent party Soldiers and their Families to Fort Sam Houston, TX.

This one-stop facility provides convenient services including in-processing of new arrivals; out processing and transitioning of Soldiers for ETS, PCS, Retirement etc.; ID/CAC services; Finance Stations and Travel/Personnel Movement to name a few.


Upon arrival, Soldiers would sign into the unit of the organization to which they have been assigned or attached to during duty hours (0730-1130 and 1300-1600).

After duty hours arrival, weekends or holidays, Soldiers who will be assigned to the following units need to call or report to: 

    HHD, 32d Medical Brigade: 210-793-7202

    187th Medical Battalion: 210-431-5822 or 210-808-0586

    188th Medical Battalion: 210-221-6879

    232d Medical Battalion: 210-439-5834 or 210-808-4247

    264th Medical Battalion: 210-291-9868

    USAE DLI: JBSA Lackland at 210-602-7850


In-processing Soldier who request Permissive TDY (PTDY) for house hunting will in-process MPD before signing out on PTDY.

After signing-in, the Battalion will schedule the Soldier`s in-processing appointment. For further information or assistance contact your S-1 or the MPD at 210-221-9274.

In-Processing procedures overall takes an average of 5-10 days based on your own needs. During the first full day of in-processing, all Soldiers will report to MPD, to begin their installation in-processing.

Post in-processing will be done via several methods-

Once complete with post in-processing Soldier will need to in-process the 32d MED BDE/ their battalion.

If entering post from the main gate (Winfield Scott Rd) turn left on Wilson Way and go down less than quarter of a mile and make a left on Reynolds Road then a right to Jessup Drive then a right into the parking lot.

The 32d Medical Brigade is now in-processing Permanent Party through our SharePoint Portal. Service Member are required to use a CAC Card accessible computer and the use of their Enterprise email for authentication to gain access to SharePoint. SharePoint and unit staff communications will be directed to your Enterprise email account upon submission of your in-processing documents.


STEP 1.  The following documents must be turned on upon your arrival to the unit to in-process:

The initial documents to be uploaded are:

               - PCS Orders with Amendments

               - DA Form 31 (signed block 14a-c)

               - DD Form 93 Emergency Data

               - SGLV (Service Members Group Life Insurance)

               - Last OER/NCOER

STEP 2.  HR Assistant will then forward the above documents to the G-1 to procedure a Duty Assignment Data Sheet (DADS).

STEP 3.  Soldier receives DADS then read and sign it

STEP 4.  BDE will send signed DADS from G-1 to the BN S-1

STEP 5.  Unit will arrive and slot Soldier based on information from the DADS

STEP 6.  Soldier will complete the in-processing by providing the following documents to the unit:

               - DA 5960 Basic Housing Allowance (with supporting documents i.e. marriage certificate etc.)

               - Update ADPAAS (https://adpaas.army.mil); print screen to show it has been updated

               - Cyber Awareness Training Certificates (https://jkodirect.jten.mil) (current within the last 12 months)