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USAMTEAC Materiel Branch

The Materiel Branch function is to develop operational test plans with mission-realistic scenarios and executes operational field tests under realistic conditions and environments. Materiel Branch operational tests focus on medical devices or non-medical equipment along with associated equipment for the purpose of determining the effectiveness and suitability of the medical devices or non-medical equipment for use in combat by typical military users; an analysis of all data collected is then used to perform the evaluation of the results of such tests. Operational testing focuses on system implementation behavior and is preferred over verification for the following reasons:

  • Operational testing facilitates the consideration of environmental factors that influence system behavior.
  • Operational testing allows feature interaction.
  • Operational testing allows the technical manual verification on flow of procedural steps and context.
  • Operational testing allows having unit-level maintenance task performed by maintenance personnel as pertains to the provided manufacturer`s technical manuals.

A key operational testing feature is error detection, which ensures correct functional implementation. The operational testing is conducted on a production or production representative system using typical operational personnel in a realistic combat scenario.