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School of Army Aviation Medicine


WELCOME INFORMATION: Welcome to the School of Army Aviation Medicine (SAAM) Aeromedical Evacuation Officer Pre-Command Course (2C-F11) located at Fort Rucker, Alabama. You will find the following information helpful in answering most questions about the course. Click here for all information relating to the course, welcome packet, and in-processing requirements.  (*Upon successful enrollment into the course through ATRRS, students will be granted access to the PCC Blackboard page to access all necessary products and in-processing items).

What is 2CF11? - The Aeromedical Evacuation Officer Pre-Command Course is designed to update command selectees on medical and MEDEVAC doctrine, training management, organization capabilities and limitations, branch perspectives, maintenance and personnel policies and provide examples of command philosophies.

The course is open to Active and Reserve Component O-3 and O-4 Medical Service Corps aviators selected for air ambulance unit commands.

The course is held once annually, and is nine days long.


Must be Active Duty or Reserve Component 0-3 or 0-4 who has been selected for, or is forecast to be selected for, an Air Ambulance Company Command.

Security Clearance required: SECRET.

All students must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. To obtain official enrollment for the course you must register via the ATRRS (The Army Training and Requirements and Resources System) via MEDCoE. This is the Army`s official record of your enrollment into the course and their means by which the quotas are adjusted for within each course.


SHOW TIME0715, (ATRRS enrolled students have priority for seating)

 0730, In-Processing Location: Building 301, Room X-103 (downstairs) Rear of Lyster Army Health Clinic (LAHC) 


*Class will begin promptly at 0730 on the first scheduled day of class (Monday) in Room X-103, School of Army Aviation Medicine.

**Parking in front of SAAM is reserved for Staff and Patients ONLY. Student parking is designated in front of Lyster Army Health Clinic beyond the patient parking area.


The training schedule for each Pre-Command Course changes based on the availability of guest speakers and presenters.

Examples of some of the seminars typically offered for this course are listed below. Other relevant topics may be substituted based on the availability of guest speakers and presenters. A detailed training schedule will be available upon arrival.

Each student will be provided a Training Schedule on Day 1 during their in-processing.

Students should expect to be in attendance for instruction from 0730 - 1730 each Training Day, with graduation and out processing occurring at the end of Training Day 9. Training Day 10 (Friday of the second week) is reserved as a travel day for students and adjunct faculty.

TYPICAL 2C-F11 SEMINARS AND CLASSES (not all inclusive):

- Aviation Resource Management Surveys (ARMS)

- Aircrew Training Programs

- Unit Movement Operations

- Road to Deployment (Unit Deployment Preparations)

- Flight Surgeon Brief

- Company Commander Panel

- 1SG Seminar

- Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization (DES)

- Aviation Survivability Equipment

- Medical Evacuation Doctrine

- Tactical Operations Brief  

- 67J Career Manager Brief

- Medical Evacuation Concepts & Capabilities Division (MECCD) brief

- Aviation Branch Proponency Panel

- National Guard Bureau MEDEVAC Operations Seminar

- Utility Helicopter Program Manager Brief

- Composite Risk Management

- Warrant Officer Management

- NCO Management

- OER/NCOER/Senior Rater Profile Seminar

- Unit Supply Operations and Change of Command Inventories


Course Director: DSN: (312) 558-7463 Commercial: (334) 255-7463

Course NCOIC: DSN: (312) 558-7772 Commercial: (334) 255-7772

Scheduling Information: Refer to ATRRS and MEDC Blackboard page referenced above.