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Department of Aviation Medicine

Office of the Director: Comm 334-255-7409

First Sergeant: Comm 334-255-7417

Chief of Operations: Comm 334-255-7465 Fax: 334-255-7475

NCOIC Operations: Comm 334-255-7471

Operations / Chamber Scheduler: Comm 334-255-7445

Defense Travel Assistant: Comm 334-255-7680

Information Technology Office: Comm 334-255-7461

Training and Development: Comm 334-255-7448 Fax: 334-255-7344

Dir, Graduate Medical Education: Comm 334-255-7447/7334/7615

Dir, Flight Surgeon Course: Comm 334-255-7300

Dir, Aeromedical Psychology Training: Comm 334-255-7425

Dir, Joint Enroute Care Course: Comm 334-255-9423

Dir, AMEDD Aviation Crewmember Courses: Comm 334-255-3739

Dir, Medical Evacuation Doctrine Course: Comm 334-255-7463

Dir, Flight Physiology: Comm 334-255-7427

Dir, AMEDD Pre-Command Course: Comm 334-255-7463

Registrar: Comm 334-255-7445