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Office of the Commandant

Welcome to the Office of the Commandant
Serves as lead advisor to the Commander, U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence, for medical training, education, and leader development achieving academic excellence.
Empowering people to provide the world`s best military medical education and training to the Nation today and tomorrow.

Office of the Commandant (OTC) establishes policies, procedures, and metrics to ensure quality of instruction and regularly engages with other branches and partners to pursue collaborative efforts in support of the training mission. OTC consists of the academic support and teaching departments providing initial and advanced enlisted medical skills training, leadership and clinical training for officers, and degree-granting healthcare programs from Associate through Doctorate.

Registrar Services

Contact the Registrar(210) 221-6207 | DSN: 471-6207
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 251
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
For information on how to obtain certificates of course attended e-mail: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.registrar@army.mil
Contact Operator Assistance
JBSA Fort Sam Houston Base Operator
(210) 221-1211 / DSN: 4711211

Borden Institute, The Medical Journal, and Medical Soldiers Outlook

Contact the Borden Institute at (210) 221-6972 | DSN: 471-6972
Contact the Medical Journal Branch at (210) 221-6301 | DSN: 471-6301
Contact the Medical Soldiers Outlook Branch at (210) 221-6375 | DSN: 471-6375

Professional Education and Training Department

Contact Info the Professional Education and Training Department at (210) 295-9508/9528 | DSN: 421-9508/9528

Inter-Service Training Review Office

Contact the Inter-Service Training Review Office at (210) 221-6930| DSN: 471-6930

Faculty and Staff Development Department

Contact the Faculty and Staff Development Department at (210) 221-6972/8816 | DSN: 471-6972/8816

Stimson Library (SL)

Department of Graduate Education (DGE)

The Department of Graduate Education (Graduate School, MEDCoE) produces multiservice healthcare professional Officers through nationally-accredited Master`s and Doctoral degree education programs to meet DoD requirements. These officers meet entry Area of Concentration qualification, attain advanced practice Skill Identifiers, or meet emerging capability requirements in medicine such as H2F that cannot be met from civilian program requirements. 

The Campus Based Division comprises five two-phased degree programs with didactic and clinical elements and three single-phased degree programs with residency requirements in clinical settings.

The Hospital Based Division comprises LTHET federally-funded programs for SP-Corps conducted entirely in Military Treatment Facility settings that are also teaching hospitals to attain terminal doctorate degrees and specialty credentials.

The Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacy Branch provides core training and education-level instruction and manages a Texas Anatomy Board-certified laboratory.

The Nutrition & Diet Therapy Branch provides educational support to multiple programs and runs the Joint Field Nutrition Operations Course.

Contact Info the Department of Graduate Education at (210) 221-7100

Department of Aviation Medicine

The Department of Aviation Medicine (DAM) delivers high quality education and training on the multiple aspects of aviation medicine (AVMED) specialties to include residents in Aerospace and Occupational Medicine, and U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence aircrew members annually.

For additional information please visit https://medcoe.army.mil/saam

Email: usarmy.rucker.tradoc.mbx.saam-ops@army.mil

Contact the Department of Aviation Medicine at (334) 255-7409

Department of Clinical Specialties

The Department of Clinical Specialties (DCS) provides oversight of enlisted military occupational specialty (MOS) producing Campus Based Training courses,  Army Nurse Corps (ANC) Area of Concentration (AOC) specialization courses, Hospital Based Training sites and all ANC entry, mid, and executive-level nursing professional development courses.

Contact Info the Department of Clinical Specialties at (210) 295-4423

Department of Force Health Protection (DFHP)

The Department of Force Health Protection consists of four divisions:  Public Health, Veterinary Science, Dental Science, and Behavioral Health.  DFHP provides professional education and training to build and enhance both tactical and technical competencies for the Army Medical Department`s Dental, Behavioral, Public Health, and Veterinary personnel of enlisted, warrant officer, officer, and select civilian personnel to build and sustain Army readiness.

Contact Info the Department of Force Health Protection: (210) 221-7508

Department of Operational Medicine

The Department of Operational Medicine trains and educates a premier military medical force in support of our nation by serving as the comprehensive school which directs and oversees Army pre-hospital care and Field Hospital medical care training for Role I, Role II (Surgical) and Role III personnel. Our goal is to produce operationally technically competent Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Combat Medics, and future military medical leaders who support U.S. and Coalition Forces. The department is divided into two training divisions:

The Tactical Medicine Readiness Division trains and educates physicians, nurses, physician assistants, critical care flight paramedics, and senior combat medics in combat casualty care and prolonged casualty care initiatives.

The Combat Medic Division trains and educates Army Combat Medics for Multi-Domain Operations from Advanced Individual Training (Combat Medics) to Combat Paramedics, Critical Care Flight Paramedics and Advance Leadership.

Contact Info the Department of Operational Medicine at (210) 221-9646




Department of Leader Training

The Department of Leader Training (DLT) provides professional military education and training of Army Medical Department`s Officer Corps through Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and functional courses. We implement the U.S. Army TRADOC Common Core Task List training, branch specific training, values training, professional development, and other mandatory training for officers/warrant officers as directed by the Commander, Initial Military Training, TRADOC, and HQDA. DLT educates and trains mid-grade officers with the Army`s Mid-Level Curriculum model through collaborative problem-solving events by facilitators who engage learners to think critically. DLT educates Medical leaders through pre-command education, just-in-time training for Division, Brigade Surgeons and Health Care Providers, and strategic-level education through focused programs. DLT provides functional training for Patient Administration, Logistics, Information Management, Human Resources, and Plans/Operations/Training/ Intelligence/Security officers. We train all cadre for the Army Recovery Care Training Program. We provide Human Dimension training to include Coaching, temperament development, conflict resolution, and other leader development training.

Email: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.dlt@army.mil

Contact Info the Department of Leader Training at (210) 221-8213