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Office of the Commandant

Welcome to the Office of the Commandant
Serves as lead advisor to the Commander, U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence, for medical training, education, and leader development achieving academic excellence.
Empowering people to provide the world`s best military medical education and training to the Nation today and tomorrow.

Registrar Services

Contact the Registrar(210) 221-6207 | DSN: 471-6207
3630 Stanley Rd, Suite 245
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Email: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.mbx.registrar@mail.mil
Contact Operator Assistance
JBSA Fort Sam Houston Base Operator
(210) 221-1211 | DSN: 471-1211

Borden Institute, The Medical Journal, and Medical Soldiers Outlook

Contact the Borden Institute at (210) 221-6972 | DSN: 471-6972
Contact the Medical Journal Branch at (210) 221-6301 | DSN: 471-6301
Contact the Medical Soldiers Outlook Branch at (210) 221-6375 | DSN: 471-6375

Professional Education and Training Department

Contact Info the Professional Education and Training Department at (210) 295-9508/9528 | DSN: 421-9508/9528

Inter-Service Training Review Office

Contact the Inter-Service Training Review Office at (210) 221-6930| DSN: 471-6930

Training Program Management

Contact Training Program Management at (210) 221-8745/7385 | DSN: 471-8745/7385

Faculty and Staff Development Department

Contact the Staff and Faculty Development Department at (210) 221-6972/8816 | DSN: 471-6972/8816

Stimson Library (SL)