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U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence COVID-19 Response


COVID-19 Response Support (JBSA.MIL)

Who we are

The Command Surgeon Cell promotes health and fitness for MEDCoE Soldiers, Civilians, and family members, responsible for oversight of COVID-19 Force Health Protection (FHP) and educating MEDCoE leaders for informed decisions that positively impacts the force.


Serves as the Senior Medical advisor to MEDCoE Commanding General (CG), Command teams, and staff regarding conserving the fighting strength and health of the command. Promotes the integration of Force Health Protection (FHP) principles and executes Health Service Support (HSS) for wide range of military operations within the MEDCoE area of responsibility. Facilitates and synchronizes with the Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG), TRADOC Surgeon, and Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Crisis Action Team (CAT) to determine future FHP and medical readiness requirements.


To be the foundation on which Army Medicine is built, sustained and transformed.


Safety Measures