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Lessons Learned Branch (LLB)


The Lessons Learned Branch collects and analyzes lessons both best practices and issues from major operations and training exercises conducted by the operating forces; collaborates with medical subject matter experts to identify Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership & Education, Personnel, and Facility (DOTMLPF) gaps and potential solutions; and disseminates lessons and best practices with the Army and the Army Medical community of practice to optimize unit and Soldier performance and effectiveness.


Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS)

JLLIS is the DoD authoritative system for gathering, developing, and disseminating lessons learned for the Armed Forces that enables Joint Lessons Learned Program (JLLP) and Army Lessons Learned Program (ALLP) information and knowledge management.  The JLLIS facilitates the collection, tracking, management, sharing, collaborative resolution, dissemination, and archiving of information to improve the development, design, and readiness of the Joint Force.

The LLB migrated its repository to JLLIS. In addition to the documents loaded by the LLB, JLLIS provides a repository of After Action Reports and observations from other Army medical units and Sister Services. The information is sorted in three Communities of Practice (COPs): After Action Reports (AARs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

Before accessing JLLIS, users must first pre-register with the Joint Training Platform.

JLLIS also provides reference document, user guides, capability briefs, brochures, and virtual classrooms to facilitate its use.

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The LLB uses milBook to connect healthcare professionals across the medical community. milBook acts as a central hub for networking professionals of similar interests. Users have the ability to collaborate and share information with blogs, discussions, documents, and other functions. milBook provides LLB with real-time discussion between all Roles of care and instant feedback from peers on a multitude of areas. LLB has long established presents on milBook. The site is the recipient of the Best of milSuite 2019 10 Year Longevity Award.

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Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)

CALL leads the Army Lessons Learned Program and delivers timely and relevant information to resolve gaps, enhance readiness, and inform modernization. CALL’s website contains many resources such as AARs, Best Practices, Handbooks, and Request for Information submission page.

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The LLB publishes a quarterly newsletter to highlight recent collections, medical publications, and other topics of interest to the Army medical community. To place yourself on our distribution list, click here. Request the newsletter. You can find past issues here on JLLIS under binder # 43867.

Contact Us

Phone: 210-221-6574

Email: usarmy.jbsa.medical-coe.list.amedd-lessons-learned@army.mil


3630 Stanley Road
Building 2840, Room 0035
Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234