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Do you have what it takes?

“We are looking for applicants who possess a genuine passion to help others, are committed to excellence, have maturity, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and a strong desire for lifelong learning. If you fit the bill, then you have a wonderful opportunity to join the PA profession. Complete your prerequisite coursework, submit your application through your respective Service, get selected, and join us here at the world’s largest & best PA program!” –CDR Perry, Former IPAP Director


Prospective Students

  • Only Military applicants are accepted
  • Army and Air Force applicants that hold professional credentials (68W`s, 68C`s, 4A`s, etc) must have completed all CEU`s required for upcoming re-certification period prior to course arrival.
  • Meet security clearance requirements
  • Under age 42 by commissioning
  • Meet medical standards for commissioning into the military services after both phase 1 and 2 (see DODI 6130.03)
  • Tuition– none
  • Student activity fees – none
  • Off duty employment not authorized while at IPAP
  • Advance placement - none. Once selected, all students will complete the entire 29 month program
  • Loaner laptops, medical equipment, and textbooks provided during phase 1
  • All applicants must have completed the following:  
    • A minimum of 60 semester hours, with emphasis in science course work
    • SAT
    • Basic Life Support (with current card)
    • Service unique applicant package

See provided links for service specific information and application specifics:









*CAC cardholder must request KX website access








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