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Graduation Information

Important Update

On March 3, 2022, JBSA-Fort Sam Houston has transitioned from HPCON B+ to HPCON B. Therefore, masks, proof of vaccination/proof of negative COVID-19 tests are no longer a requirement for attendees. As of April 1, 2022, JBSA-Fort Sam Houston has further decreased to HPCON A. 

Connect with the unit social media pages for specific graduation details. Family visits are subject to change due to venue size. Indoor graduations may have attendee limits due to fire code maximum occupancy limits. In person graduation attendance will likely continue unless the HPCON degrades to HPCON C (Charlie) or worse.

JBSA Base Access

Parking and Maps:

Welcome Back

MEDCoE officially resumed open graduations in June 2021READ THE FULL ARTICLE & CURRENT PRESS RELEASE

Welcome Back!  Check JBSA`s current COVID posture to help you prepare before the graduation. 

Still have questionsClick HERE for Unit Contacts. Graphic below shows list of specialties by unit. 

Graduation MOS by Unit