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Critical Care Flight Paramedic Program


300-F2 (Critical Care Paramedic): The Critical Care course consists of two weeks of classroom didactics in critical care medicine, including pharmacology, pathophysiology, and essential elements of enroute critical care. The course also includes six weeks of practical experience, including hospital intensive care units (ICUs), ground ambulance, and in our Transport Medical Training Laboratory (TMTL) at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, TX. Upon completing the course, students will be eligible to take the Flight Paramedic Certified (FP-C) examination.

300-NREMT-P/NRP RECERT: This course provides two weeks of training required for National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians-Paramedic recertification, which includes 72 hours of continuing education units accredited by the Army Combat Medical Sustainment Division (CMSD). Additionally, students FP-C certified through the Board of Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) will qualify for 56 continuing education units. Practical exercises are conducted in airway management, treatment of extremity trauma, treatment of combat chest wounds, and lifesaving emergency surgical skills on high-fidelity simulation manikins. Students will complete scenarios in replicated clinical environments in a high-fidelity aircraft. All scenarios and exercises will sustain critical care knowledge and support NRP recertification. 


  • Create a critically focused, Critical Care Flight Paramedic (68WF2).
  • Prepare medically informed critical thinkers for the challenges of MDO/LSCO/Independent Duty.


  • To prepare competent National Registered Paramedics (NRP) with critical care knowledge in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) domains.


More Information:

Information on the Critical Care Flight Paramedic Program courses can be found in the Army Training Requirement and Resources System (ATRRS).

https://www.atrrs.army.mil,search "300-F2"

https://www.atrrs.army.mil, search "300-NREMT-P/NRP RECERT"

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The phone number for general inquiries: 

210-221-9565 or 210-295-6485