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Captains Career Course


Welcome to the Army Medical Center of Excellence, Captains Career Course at  Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas!

CCC Operations Phone Number: 210.221.7458


Driving Information

Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston is considered a “walking campus”. Parking directly adjacent the MEDCOE is for staff use only and is not authorized for CCC students. For in-processing, please park across the street from the AMEDD museum to avoid being ticketed. You will be given more information regarding authorized student parking areas when you in-process.

  • You must utilize a hands free telephone device when talking on cell phones while driving on JBSA Fort Sam Houston. TEXTING while driving is NOT authorized within the city of San Antonio or on JBSA Fort Sam Houston.
  • You are not required to have a JBSA Fort Sam Houston Department of Defense (DoD) registration sticker on your vehicle to obtain access to the base.
  • Students are not authorized to drive motorcycles while in CCC.


Welcome Letter 






1x Patrol Cap

1x Eye Protection

1x ACU or OCP Set

1x ID Tags

1x CAC Card

1x Pair Boots

1x Front Load Carrier

1x Canteen Pouch (Far Left)

1x Triple Magazine Pouch (Front Left)

1x Double Mag Pouch (Front Right)

1x IFAK (Middle Right)

1x Canteen Pouch (Far Right)

1x Canteen

1x Canteen Cup

1x Hydration Carrier with Bladder (or Second Canteen)

1x Set Gloves


Duffel Bag:

1x Combo or Padlock

1x Pair Boots

2x ACU or OCP Set

2x Shirts

3x Undergarments

3x Pair Socks

1x Washcloth

1x Towel

1x APFU Set

2x PT Socks

1x PT Shoes

1x PT Belt

1x Complete Modular Sleep System

1x Poncho

1x Poncho Liner

1x Flashlight/Headlamp (Red Lens/Red Light Capable)

1x Wet Weather Top

1x Wet Weather Bottom

1x Field Toiletry Kit (3x Days of Supply)

1x Pair Shower Shoes

1x Package of Hygiene Wipes (3x Days of Supply)



1x Cold Weather Top

1x Cold Weather Bottom

1x Cold Weather Gloves

1x Set POLYPRO Undergarments

1x Fleece Jacket

1x APFU Jacket

1x APFU Pants

1x APFU Long Sleeve Shirt


1. ACU Pattern equipment is authorized for wear with OCP uniforms. However, all the equipment on the Student must be in the same pattern. Reference AR 670-1 for additional guidance.

2. Commercial backpacks, hydration systems (Camelback) gloves and other equipment are authorized if:

- The commercial equipment matches the capability, functionality and form of the Government issued equipment. Cadre will make determinations if commercial equipment does not meet capability, functionality and form of Government issued equipment.

- The commercial equipment is the same pattern as the worn Government issued equipment.


- The commercial equipment is a solid subdued US Army tactical color (Black, Foliage Green, Sand, Tan, Coyote Brown, Loam etc…). Cadre will make determinations if commercial equipment does not meet tactical color intent.

3. IFAK DOES NOT need to be fully stocked.

4. Recommend brining both clear and tinted lenses for EyePro, operations will occur at night.

5. Sewn-on name plates and tags are not required on equipment.

6. One lock to secure personal gear in a duffel bag is required.

7. Contact POCs below if your Installation does not have a Central Issue Facility, or if you do not have access to one.

8. Excess baggage fees are eligible for reimbursement when filing your TDY voucher.