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Fundamentals of Military Medicine

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Front Matter

  1. The History of the Military Medical Officer
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Military Medical Officer
  3. Officership and the Profession of Arms in the 21st Century
  4. Military Medical Leadership
  5. Military Law and Ethics
  6. The Law of Armed Conflict and Military Medicine
  7. The National Security Structure
  8. The Medical Officer on the Commander’s Staff
  9. Military Medicine in the Operational and Strategic Context
  10. Tactical Field Skills for the Military Physician
  11. Military Communication
  12. Enlisted Service Members
  13. Combined Health Services Support Operations
  14. Introduction to Health Service Support
  15. Health Information Systems
  16. Force Health Protection
  17. Medical Logistics
  18. Joint Health Services Support: Operational Planning
  19. The Evolution of Human Performance Optimization and Total Force Fitness
  20. Physical Fitness: The Necessary Foundation
  21. Performance Nutrition
  22. Environmental Extremes: Heat and Cold
  23. Environmental Extremes: Alternobaric
  24. Environmental Extremes: Space
  25. Psychological Well-Being
  26. Sleep, Rest, and Recovery
  27. Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention
  28. Spiritual Fitness and Performance
  29. Family Readiness
  30. Medical Readiness
  31. Rehabilitation and Reintegration
  32. Approach to the Emergency Patient
  33. Tactical Medicine
  34. Mass Casualty Preparedness and Response
  35. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Threats
  36. Acute Pain Management in the Deployed Environment
  37. Combat and Operational Stress Control
  38. Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military
  39. Casualty Transport and Evacuation
  40. Preventive Medicine in the Deployed Environment


Abbreviations and Acronyms