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AMEDD Student Detachment

APA   Student I
                       CPT CALVO, ABBEY                                                        SFC MURAMOTO, FRANK
                 COMMANDER, AMEDD STUDENT DET                                       DETACHMENT SERGEANT 


Congratulations on your selection to participate in the ARMY`s Long Term Health Education Training (LTHET) Program. Welcome to the AMEDD Student Detachment (ASD) at Joint Base San Antonio, TX.  Our mission is to provide command, control, administrative, Human Resources and Financial Management Support to Students participating in LTHET programs.

Please read the student handbook and follow the in-processing checklist provided to you by your HR Manager. Again, we extend a congratulations on your selection.  Best wishes during your academic and training tours of duty.


  • Refer to your PCS orders for in-processing instructions.
  • Email a copy of your PCS Leave Form (DA31) and PCS orders to the ASD Student Email Box:  usarmy.jbsa.medcom-ameddcs.mbx.student-det@mail.mil  
  • Upon receipt of your email, you will be assigned an HR Manager who will make contact with you in 7-10 business days and will provide you with in-processing instructions.

Students should arrive to ASD with the following due to the Student to Staff ratio:

  • Soldier Record Briefs (ORB/ERBs eMILPO version) is fully updated showing accurate assignment history, awards, schools, etc. Highly recommend a most current DA Photo.

  • iPERMS/OMPF updated with all necessary documents required for a board review or annual Personnel Record Review and Finance Record Review. 

  • Address finance concerns/issues before departing your current duty location.

Students should adhere to the following to ensure success during In-Processing:

  • Students are authorized to Sign-in from PCS Leave and into ASD no more than 10 days prior to the official report date stated on their orders.

  • In-Processing packets must be received completed within 10 days from the day your report to ASD. Failure to comply will result a hold in pay, duty status change of AWOL, and an Adverse Action FLAG imposed.

  • Supporting documents will ONLY be accepted in a PDF file format


The Student Handbook was created to provide answers on procedural and administrative questions.  This handbook is not a formal regulation or intended to be comprehensive. Each individual situation and circumstance is usually different, but this handbook serves as a guide. Understand that information changes rapidly and may become outdated.  Always check with your HR Manger for current updates, procedures, policies, etc.

ASD Handbook


Commander, AMEDD Student Detachment: Office: (210) 221-5731, Cell: (210) 381-4669

Detachment Sergeant: Office: (210) 295-3068, Cell: (210) 381-4669

  • HR Supervisor: (210) 221-3201

  • Officer Last Name A-E: (210) 221-3153

  • Officer Last Name F-L: (210) 221-3167

  • Officer Last Name M-R: (210) 221-5725

  • Officer Last Name S-Z: (210) 221-5582

  • ALL Enlisted: (210) 221-1592

  • ASD Student Email Box: usarmy.jbsa.medcom-ameddcs.mbx.student-det@mail.mil   

    ASD Fax: (210) 221-0740







Request and Authority for Leave DA31 Request and Authority for Leave

State of Legal Residence Certificate: DD2058

LTHET Book expense Reimbursement Form: LTHET Book-Expense Reimbursement Request Form

**NOTE: ASD will not process book reimbursement requests.  Submit the request to your Graduate Education Program Manager (PETD, HRC, AECP).

ASD Company Policy Letters


Q: I am In-processing ASD, when can I expect my BAH to change?

Ensure you submit a complete In-processing packet to your HR Manager in a timely manner in order to prevent PCS debt from occurring. Your PCS Finance documents will be sent to the JBSA FSH Finance Office to be processed.  Allow 30 days for the BAH to cycle and reflect on your LES. If two paychecks have passed and BAH is still not updated, contact your HR Manager immediately to rectify the issue.

Q: I have not received my PCS Travel Entitlements (e.g. DLA, Per diem, TLE, and reimbursable expenses).

Average turnaround time for travel entitlement payments is approximately 6-8 weeks. Travel entitlements include Travel Voucher, Dislocation Allowance (DLA), Travel Per Diem, and Mileage Allowance and Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE).

Q: I am not receiving BAH for my location, how can I rectify this issue?

BAH is paid based on what is on your orders for the with duty location (For example, assigned to AMEDD Student Detachment, Fort Sam, TX 78234 with duty at National Intelligence University, 4600 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816) which will be zip code 20816 and not where you are currently living, your BAH rate would be for 20816.

Q: I am a new accession.  When can I expect to receive my first paycheck?

It typically takes DFAS 8-12 weeks to in-process new accessions in the MILPAY system and for new accessions to receive their first paycheck.  It is highly encouraged that you have savings of two or more months. 

Q:  How will I and my family members receive medical care while I am in my LTHET program?

If both your (the sponsor`s) home and work addresses are more than 50 miles (or one hour`s drive time) from a military hospital or clinic then by law you must enroll in Tricare Prime Remote.  Visit https://tricare.mil/tpr/ for information and guidance on enrollment procedures.

Q:  As part of my LTHET program I will need to attend a conference. Is that OK?  What do I need to do?

Conference request packets are a mandatory requirement and must be submitted to your HR Manager no later than 120 days from the start date of the conference.  There is no exemption or exception to this requirement.  Contact you HR Manager for current Conference Packet requirements.

Definition of a conference:  The JTR defines “conference” as “A meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, or event that involves attendee travel. This definition also applies to training activities that are conferences under 5 CFR 410.404.”